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      We are creating the worlds online sports ecosystem ...

      We are building an all in one place to organize, manage and track sports performance of you and your team. 

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    The perfect product for all sports

    We built Playinga with all sports in mind. Be it any sport, from scoring to managing we have got you covered. If you are a multi-sport player or a club owner/manager who has many ongoing sports activities, we crafted Playinga just for this. 

    We’re excited to simplify sports management and to evolve the ecosystem as whole.

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    ​Enabling the world to play more ...

    Playinga is an online sports platform for players, organizers and club administrators. You can organize tournaments, schedule matches, maintain scores and manage everything through a single dashboard.

    PLAYINGA Features


    Organize tournaments or leagues the easy way. Focus less on paperwork and more on the sport. Collect payments for registrations right from a single place.

    Tournament Management Features


    Built-in scoring system to make it easier for you and your team. Capture every detail of the game without juggling between tabs of your browser.

    Scoring Features


    Track the performance of you and your team with precision. Our statistics tool will help you analyze which part of the game you need to focus on and how to improve.

    Player & Team Features

    ​Your Sports Org . Your PLAYINGA

    PLAYINGA Reseller
    Stake your claim in the fastest growing sports software network! 
    • Run your own instance of PLAYINGA.
    • Customize pricing to suit your needs.
    • Completely White labelled.
    • You set the rules. 
    ​White Labelled Org and Tournaments
    Personalize your sports organization or tournament with PLAYINGA.
    • Get your organization website up with Playinga.
    • Map your  domain. 
    • League and Sports management software with your organization branding.
    • No Ads and a lot more.

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    Get your own white labelled version of PLAYINGA which you can promote and sell. 

    Setup your own pricing.


    We'll assign a concierge to learn your setup and guide you on how we can meet your business needs through one-on-one sessions. Think of us as your own personal business consultants.

    Why Do We Do This ?

    ​Why we do this?

    We are crazy about sports. 

    We played and fought a lot over our scores and performance. And that made us think why can’t we create a sports ecosystem where we digitalize the entire sports data. 

    That’s how “Playinga” came into existence. We strongly believe a good product can help the sports ecosystem to evolve and help the players to game better

    Who we are ?

    Working at SKYBIS is very much like being in a professional sports team. We value traits commonly seen in successful professional athlete...

    * Passion
    * Perseverence
    * Innovation
    * Teamwork
    * Winning mentality
    * Sports(wo)manship
    * Playfulness

    If you are excited by our mission, values & what we're building, consider joining us!

    Who We Are

    Join us as we redefine the sporting landscape the digital way...

    We are making drastic improvements in terms of features and user experience of Playinga platform. We continue to push for transparency and innovation in the sports ecosystem. Finally, it’s all about making sports better for everyone, isn’t it?  If you are a player or club manager or tournament organizer, see what we have got for you here. Did we mention we’re also hiring?

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    We, or our team, may not respond to *every* comment, but we do read all your feedback.

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